11/10/19: New scenes: Secret of the Stones quest has been updated. Solve the riddle to reveal a brave new world.

2/15/19: Now hiring for comedy writers who enjoy obtaining paper featuring old, dead, white men. New designs for currency encouraged but not required. Apply Here

2/06/19: Ice Castle Under Construction: Early stages of a new level design is underway. Grand opening May 1st-ish. Stay tuned kids.

1/15/19: High Score Board (AKA Deathboard) will be working May 1st-ish. Hope you enjoyed the placeholders. Those of you who are about to die, we will solute you then. Half of the grand prizes announced in Sessr├║mnir. The other half will go to the mythology nerds.

1/05/19: Crafting: Not exactly Minecraft yet but you've got yourself a Spear at least. Try combining stuff.

1/05/94: Additional update to make it seem like we've been around longer than we have. 404 Slang Update: "Hella" Try it at parties! (e.g. "Your personality is hella soul-crushing!"

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